New media studies podcast

I’m spinning all too many plates at the moment, but I just wanted to point to the debut of the new Lion’s Share podcast, now available on the iTunes store via iTunesU (link works if you have iTunes installed. Developed by my good friend and fellow media scholar Tim Anderson of Old Dominion University, this podcast features discussions with scholars about their research, and research methods. I’m the guest on the debut episode, discussing my upcoming book on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which will be published by Blackwell next year. Future guests include Kathleen Battles of Oakland University discussing radio crime drama, and Judd Ruggill of Arizona State University and Ken McAllister of the University of Arizona on educational videogames.

As most of you probably already know, there are many outstanding podcasts out there; perhaps I’ll do a post on them at some point (especially since podcasts are probably my primary form of media consumption these days). Till then, check out the Lion’s Share, and let Tim know what you think about the format, or ideas for future segments.


3 Responses to “New media studies podcast”

  1. OlliS Says:

    Is there a way to subscribe to the podcast w/o iTunes? I like to listen to episodes on my mobile, which sadly isn’t compatible with iTunes.

  2. dkompare Says:

    Unfortunately, due to the fact that Tim is producing the series through Old Dominion U, I think that it will only be available through iTunesU for the foreseeable future. You could ask Tim, though, if that may change down the line.

    His blog is here:

  3. OlliS Says:

    Okay, never mind. I discovered that the iTunes url can be fed into any feedreader and it works okay. iTunes impaired people can subscribe to the feed at

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