Brief check-in

Just a brief check-in. In July I was bashing out a book proposal (about which more later [fingers crossed]), then out of town for about nine days, and am now deep in course prep for the fall and myriad plate-spinning other research and writing projects. I’m going to figure out a regular blogging schedule at some point before the semester, as this irregular blogging is even bugging me.

I also wanted to point to a couple of projects elsewhere I’m currently involved. First, it’s CSI week at MediaCommons’ In Media Res, and my piece on the series’ use of Las Vegas ran on July 31, but is still up for viewing and comment. Secondly, both parts of my discussion with Cynthia Walker about fans and producers are this week’s installments of the acafan summer debate series at Henry Jenkins’ blog. I’ll also mirror the discussion over on LiveJournal, if you’re inclined to participate over there.

Back for more soon. In the meantime, go check out Mad Men on AMC. This is my series of the year thus far, and it’s amazing.


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