MIT5: Recovery

OK, so I didn’t do any liveblogging. While many others did (and many more via Twitter), I had spent all too much time staring at and typing on my MacBook over the previous week, after too many late nights writing my presentation, and it was nice just to sit, listen, and jot a few notes down in my notebook (i.e., with pen, on paper). In between and afterwards (including a multiple venue, four-hour, last-day-of-the-conference chat among about ten of us on Sunday), we processed what was going on.


Lazy Sunday at au bon pain (w/apologies to Henry, Ivan, Jason, Lana, and others who evaded the apparatus) –

Lazy Sunday at au bon pain

Mike Newman, Derek Johnson, Jonathan Gray, and the jovial Joshua GreenBen and Josh

Ben Aslinger digs his camera, and Josh Jackson agrees: it’s pretty sweet.


It’s Martyn Pedler (and not the guy from Placebo)

Homeward bound

Homeward bound

Mike’s got some nice pics up at Flickr, even if I do say so myself.

I’m divvying thoughts into a few posts, one per panel that I attended, plus some general reflections after that.

You should also check out some of the many responses to the weekend from folks like Jill, Jason, Mike, Snurb, Jean, Tarleton, and Chuck, with I’m sure more to come. Henry Jenkin’s post-conference thread is up as well, calling for comments. In addition, the official conference site will continue to be updated, with full papers and podcasts of the plenary sessions.

Next up: MIT5: Seriality and Transmedia Storytelling


3 Responses to “MIT5: Recovery”

  1. martyn Says:

    I knew I should never have told that Placebo story. Still, the photo is almost worth it. I appear to be vibrating the molecules of that coffee at superspeed, and I look quite pleased about it…

    Hope you had an painless trip home.

  2. dkompare Says:

    Well, if you actually could vibrate molecules at superspeed, you could have avoided that whole “this is so wrong” scene on your flight home, and simply vibrated yourself through the Earth. I’m just sayin’.

    Hey do you have a blog or some such where your writing lives? I mean, it will always “live,” but where?

  3. martyn Says:

    Right now, my web presence is limited to gmail, but post-MiT, I’m thinking that might have to change. And god knows any excuses to avoid actual writing are always appreciated…

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