I’m still here…

…I’ve just been astoundingly swamped this semester. Way too much going on. I need a clone, longer days, more brain RAM, or something. How about the end of the semester? Yes, very soon, and more frequent posting will commence then.

In the meantime, I’m going to be at the Media In Transition 5 conference at MIT this weekend, presenting some thoughts about contemporary cult television authorship, with a focus on Doctor Who‘s Russell T. Davies. The full paper will be up on the conference site at some point in the next month (read: as soon as I finish writing it). I’ll live-blog some panels and plenaries as I can from the conference, provided the MIT WiFi servers don’t get overwhelemed by all the pointing and the clicking and the typing and the posting and the tagging etc.

Talk at you soon.


3 Responses to “I’m still here…”

  1. Geoffrey Long Says:

    Well, the part of your panel I managed to catch was brilliant (I was the schmuck who came in as you were speaking). Nice work!

  2. Jonathan Gray Says:

    I just have one lingering question abour your paper, Derek: have you ever been on a television set? 🙂 Sorry — couldn’t resist

  3. dkompare Says:

    You know, that question almost, almost inspired a paper proposal for the Media & History conference. But then I ran out of time. Still, that moment is staying with me, and will for a while.

    If nothing else, we’ve got a zinger to heckle each other with at conferences from here on out! 🙂

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