This ‘n’ That

A few bits and bobs from blogovia to tide you over till the next installment of my serial narrative oeuvre.

Alan McKee loves TV. A lot.

Kristin Thompson takes down Neal Gabler’s recent (and misinformed) lament about the “decline” of movie culture. See also chutry‘s take on this issue.

Vinyl is back! Well, sorta. My old buddy Tim Anderson talks wisely about music formats, convenience, and something once called “leisure time.” (Ah, leisure. It feels good just to say it. Leeee-zzzhhurr.) Believe me, he knows of what he speaks. And I knows he has a hell of a lot of records (buy me a beer and I’ll tell you about Tim’s Big Move of ’98).

Mike Newman digs Scribd, the new document sharing site, and I have to say I do too. There’s something almost retro about it, like the wild-and-wooly text-only web of the early 90s mashed-up with Web 2.0 stuff.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism’s 2007 State of the News Media report/tome is out, and while I haven’t yet dived in, there’s sure to be loads of intriguing data and scathing assessments.

Will Wright rocks SXSW (via wonderlandblog).


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