Be back soon, meanwhile go check out SmuTube…

Another agonizing break, and while I’m not quite ready to post another magnum opus, I just wanted to check back in. February was illness month in the Kompare household. I was out entirely the week of February 5th, followed by Sally (and poor lil’ Rose!) the week of February 12th. Lots of getting behind, pulling extra weight, losing sleep, and all that ensued. Now it’s March, and I shall soon be back up to speed (fingers crossed).

In lieu of an actual post, I thought I’d point you over to my sibling site, SmuTube, the TV criticism blog generated by my CTV 4339 students this semester. They’ve been a bit gunshy thus far, but the dam is starting to crack, as the first post went up yesterday (on Ugly Betty, genre, and format). Much more to come there over the next several weeks, so check it out.


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