Finally back at the blog

I apologize for the long, long absence. The end of the semester is generally grueling enough in the best of times, but it was especially tricky in December. Add to that a 17-day holiday trek through the southwest to visit family (and introduce our daughter), and a double-whammy of the first week of the new semester + a cold, and it’s been an exhausting couple of months. As any parent of young children can attest, life is also an ongoing time and energy crisis (not to mention a constant domestic political struggle), and I find myself too often pining for my 20s (or even my pre-child 30s), which is understandable…but pretty pointless.

While I haven’t been able to process much thought about ongoing television in this period, I was able to reset the brain a bit for 2007. I now have a full-on iPod, and am exploring (and exploiting) its many uses as much as possible. While I knew I’d rely on its music and file storage capability, I’ve been surprised how much I’m using it as a pocket DVR. There’s something reassuring about seeing the list of files to watch, as a research/teaching to-do list of sorts. I use the program iSquint to convert video files to iPod specs, and then upload them. I’m also uploading these files to my courses’ BlackBoard sites, for student use (I’ll be seeking feedback on how that’s going over the course of the semester).

I’ve also locked myself into a couple of research and writing projects, of which I’ll not say much about for the time being. One of them is directly related to the overarching authorship issue, while the other is a bit more textual. Each of them has been facilitated by the iPod, at least thus far. I’ll be presenting a short version of the authorship piece at the Media In Transition 5 conference at MIT in April (a PDF will also be available at the conference website in late March). Since I’m not going to SCMS (first one I’ve missed in a decade!), this will be my only spring conference jaunt. I’ve done the MIT conference twice before, and it’s a great, energetic affair; check it out if you’re in Boston at that time.

There’s more to come, before too long. The winter/spring TV season is just getting going, after all. In the meantime, I suggest you visit some of the great sites on the blogroll.


2 Responses to “Finally back at the blog”

  1. mike newman Says:

    Hey Derek, nice to see more blogging here. I’ll be at the MiT5 conference too; look fwd to seeing you there and hearing more about authorship on TV.

  2. jill/txt » speakers at MiT5: the unofficial blogosphere version Says:

    […] Derek Kompare on authorship. Mike Newman left a comment on this post that he would also attend. […]

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