I’m back, with a new daughter in tow

Rose at home. Zzzzzz.....

Nothing quite upsets blogging, and everything else for that matter, like a new addition to the household. My wife, Sally, gave birth to our first daughter, Rose Aileen Kompare, late on September 12. Rose joins our son, Benjamin (2 1/2 years old), as the resident reminders of the amazing perpetuity of the human species. We’ve spent the last week-plus adjusting to our four-ness, and are pretty much there, along with a few of our own parents for several days.

The longer I keep this up, the more Ben and Rose are likely to feature here. I’m focused on media concerns, but children give a first-hand look at how this world (media and all) is being taken in by the very young. For instance, Ben’s got an almost all-consuming obsession with all things Thomas, as do most 2-4 old boys in the Anglophonic world. It’s the epitome of multi-media, spanning toys, clothes, books, DVDs, CDs, TV shows, and the internet (and that’s just what he likes to tap into). I’ve no idea what he’ll be into next, or what Rose will be into in a few scant months. It’s fascinating to watch and share with them, though, and that’s more or less what it’s all about anyway.


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