The Path after The Path to 9/11

So, ABC goes and runs this miniseries anyway, despite massive calls not to, and massive evidence of its quite possibly litigious fallacies. They tried to edit out the worst bits, but apparently it really was a complete and thorough blame-the-Democrats fantasy. And deadly boring to boot. Thankfully, it finished third in the ratings its first night, well behind the Manning-a-Manning showdown on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, and even behind a rerun of CBS’ 9/11 documentary (first aired in 2002). We’ll see how part two fared tonight, up against an all-out 9/11 schedule on most channels.

The question now is how to respond to this. Like hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of others, I contacted several concerned parties connected with this debacle and asked them not run it. Since they did, I feel I must remain consistent with what I promised. Locking out the local news is the easiest step, particularly since they didn’t even respond to my comment. Enacting a Disney ban, in a household with (soon to be) two under-fives, is going to be tricky, but not impossible. Lots of other options around these days. And unfortunately, I hardly see enough new films today as it is (kids, remember?), so I’m not worried too much about avoiding their cinematic output.

The difficult part for me is going to be ABC’s prime-time schedule. I already watch Lost religiously, and was planning on at least sampling several of their other serialized offerings this season. Indeed, as a TV scholar, I kind of feel obliged to do so. So there’s the “it’s my job” defense, I suppose. But that doesn’t sit well with me under the circumstances. It doesn’t feel like enough. What ABC did was at least incompetent (they got played) and at worst malicious. Either way, it was indefensible, and airing it even after all the outrege even more so. Surely it warrants an organized response, not to mention several lawsuits (all forthcoming), but until then, individual responses will have to do.

So: no ABC/Disney? Some ABC/Disney? Lost, but only via BitTorrent? What to do…


One Response to “The Path after The Path to 9/11

  1. Jason Mittell Says:

    What to do? TiVo ABC shows, ignore the commercials. According to many in the industry, that’s the same as stealing! That’ll show ’em…

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