I wish there were more ads in supermarkets…

Trying to do a few quicky posts today, before I begin breaking down the fall TV season.

Here we have RFID-equipped video screens attached to supermarket shopping carts. The idea is to trigger server-based ads based on proximity, so if you’re going down the cereal aisle, up comes an ad for Go Lean Crunch. Moreover, it’ll also have a map feature, so you can find the cereal aisle, and, not coincidentally, they can track when you found the cereal aisle and what you did there. Neat, huh? I guess security cams, bar-code scanners, and those cool huge convex mirrors aren’t enough any more. They want to know exactly how I picked up some Shiner Bock, and make sure I take in a couple of Budweiser ads along the way.

Some of the designers helped design tanks for the military, which makes sense since shopping carts do take a beating, but is amusing, if oddly appropriate nonethless.


One Response to “I wish there were more ads in supermarkets…”

  1. Jennifer Kelley Says:

    Ugh! Bad enough we have to put up with all those #()$*)(# ads in the produce and meat sections, and at every single checkout line! If my cart starts beaming video advertising to me, I start using an online grocery service! At least online you can pretty much ignore the ads.

    p.s. it’s also very sad that John “Skunk Boy” Henson has been reduced to being the video host for the store shopping channel. I am very sad indeed that he hasn’t gone on to have a real career, like his Talk Soup predecessor did.

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