Short Snakes

Has it really been ten days? Wow, that’s what the start of the semester will do to your schedule. A few quick takes for today, starting with some kind of late-in-the-day thoughts about Snakes on a Plane.

I’ll spare you the whole recap of my viewing experience on Friday night (you can check it out on this thread over at Henry Jenkins’ blog), but the short of it is that I was pleased. Not all that impressed, but certainly pleased. It was refreshing to see a summer action film that pretty much hit on its expectations, when so, so many others find it difficult to deliver, or show a bit muc of the strain (e.g., Superman Returns, which I otherwise enjoyed). In this case, as they say, it’s not rocket science: snakes, plane, action ensues. I wish I’d brought a rubber snake or three along for kicks, but there’s always midnight showings down the line (and if there’s any justice in the world, there will be midnight showings down the line).

That said, the impact of the film on the way media events are marketed is a matter of greater interest. As Henry writes in today’s excellent post, while it’s not going to be the fan-generated mega-blockbuster some predicted, it’s still very early in its life cycle as a media text. Those who write off online fan buzz based solely on this weekend’s box office just aren’t seeing the big picture.


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