ABC gearing up on Thursdays

You can always expect some last-minute furniture rearranging before the fall season starts and company comes over to check out the new digs. ABC, in not much of a surprise, is moving their much-talked about adaptation of telenovela Ugly Betty to 8 pm Thursdays (7 pm for us hillbillies in the flyover states). Thus, the new ABC Thursday looks like this:

  • Ugly Betty
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Six Degrees

It’s an intriguing lineup, obviously pitched not only as female-skewing counter-programming, but also as something new on what’s long been TV’s most habitual night (think NBC’s Must-See TV in the 90s, and CBS’ Survivor and CSI in the 00s). It all rides on whether Grey’s Anatomy can keep its mojo, at least enough to stay competitive against CSI. Six Degrees is a much longer shot, but given that CBS had already moved Without A Trace (to Sundays at 10), and the aging ER is steadily weakening, it’s a shot.

Look out for themed package promos, and (if UB starts to take off), whispers of a changing of the guard.


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