Let the Musing Commence!

Welcome to my official blog, wherein I’ll wear my media scholar cap and ruminate on events, concepts, theories, and passing thoughts in media. I’m an old, old hand (USENET via DOS, anyone?) at commenting on message boards and blogs, but this is my first “real” blog. Ideally I’ll post here once a day, but events (e.g., the impending birth of my second child) may transpire against that goal. Like I said, ideally.

What will you find here? Mostly me checking in with the media universe, with a particular fixation on my main areas of interest: television, the Internet, film, popular music, comics, and video games (in roughly that order). In addition, since there are always connections and contexts, I may also write about issues ranging from parenting to higher education to the future of humanity.

Let me give a particular shout-out to three groups of folks, whom I hope will check in here from time to time.

First, my students, past and present, who are always my primary partners in media musing. Some of you may already be doing this; others of you, like Jason Davis and Scott Hinze, may even do it for a living.

Second, my friends and colleagues in and around academia, whom I rely upon for intellectual connection and mutual empowerment. A few of you, like Henry Jenkins, have outstanding blogs of your own, while many others congregate in spaces like Flow.

Third, everyone else engaged in this frustrating, insane, wonderful media world. Viewers, users, consumers, producers, players, listeners, fans, critics, editors, writers, entreprenuers, pirates, hackers; whatever hats you choose to wear, welcome.


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